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Inside, the place is geared for scavenging: stacks of used paperbacks, towering racks of vinyl LPs, shelves jammed with board games and puzzles promoting everything from American Bandstand to The Bionic Woman. A brief inventory of the items hanging from his ceiling includes an ox yoke, a 15-foot-long snake skin, "Mini-Me" inside a biohazard suit, and a rib from a 65-ton whale. See. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. And I said, 'Okay.'". (Catherine Avalone/New Haven Register) Catherine Avalone Show More Show Less 14 of 38 Bill Ziegler, owner of Wild Bill's Nostalgia at 1003 Newfield Street in Middletown. Add to Trip. Bill recalls his large purchases fondly; 500 framed 3-D paintings of Jesus walking on water; 8,000 old sports jackets, with their original price tags; 70,000 Vietnam War protest posters; 800,000 old pennies packed in World War II ammunition boxes. Good ol’ Wild Bill. As a veteran-owned and operated company, Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. does more than just serve up the most delicious, authentic, vintage sodas and craft beverages in America. tourist attractions and odd sights in Connecticut, Indian Burial Mound - Ocmulgee National Monument. Wild Bill's Nostalgia in Middletown is a living time capsule, complete with vivid, imaginative murals and endless curiosities. One of Middletown’s most unique properties, the former home of collectibles and oddities purveyor Wild Bill’s Nostalgia, has been purchased by … Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center (Closed) 1 Comment. Like us on Facebook to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. January 2, 2009 was a Friday and every single thing in the world was closed. A small museum packed with specimens from important fossil sites and minerals from historical pegmatite quarries. ", We noticed a rusty old milk bucket from Yasgur's Farm, the site of Woodstock. The walls are covered with larger-than-life paintings of vintage icons -- Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. "I put a price on it so it wouldn't sell.". Plus it is busy in there, so product is moving, which means the several trailers of rare items Bill had stashed away will be getting stocked. Wild Bill's Tobacco has over 70 locations and continues to grow as Michigan's largest tobacco retailer. The enormous isokinetic structure hangs within a science center in Estonia. Anyone who has ever driven down Route 3 (Newfield St) in Middletown has surely noticed the place. There's alcohol-free wine fermented by the Grateful Dead ("I'm down to less than a hundred cases," said Bill), and a box of Michael Jackson-style beaded gloves ("I've had a couple hundred of these since 1984," said Bill), and a life-size man made of bear traps. ONSITE GAMBLING. Penguin Colossus At Coldest Spot, Cut Bank, Montana (Feb 15-21, 2021). In light of this, we can do nothing less than offer our sincerest commendations to “Wild Bill” for having created such an amazing place and wish his daughter,  Heather Dawn Page (owner) and her staff many years of creating new memories. Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center, Middletown: See 39 reviews, articles, and 40 photos of Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center on Tripadvisor. Known for being that special toy to have scared the living crap out of children since the 14th century, Wild Bill’s replication is a record beater. Old-timers cautioned Bill not to jackhammer the concrete floors unless he wanted to uncover some unpleasant surprises. Update September 2018: The store is now closed. So, when they say "it's not just a store, it's a way of life," they aren't kidding! Drive south one mile, bearing left at the stoplight. Blackjack. Edit Place; Edit Rating Boost. Wild Bill's will be on … According to Bill, a lot of folks in town believe that his place is some kind of druggie den that sells bongs and roach clips (it stocks neither). No purchase necessary. In Connecticut, where Bill grew up, they opened a series of stores (Uncle Bill’s Apple Core was once featured in a … We go out of our way to invest in the men and women who put their lives on the line for our great country, and for everyone who lives here. I went recently and found some amazing things. Due to the eclectic selection contained in this mural covered VW bug festooned curiosity shop that was once a “dance hall” expect spending at least an hour browsing and reminiscing. Heads Up! Winner will be selected at random on 03/01/2021. It's a giant, motorized clown head that slowly rises and falls from the top of an old stone silo on Bill's property. You can find everything you tobacco related with us. Starts At Noon- Progressive Jackpots! You can find a location near you easily with Wild Bill's store finder. The gravestone of an eccentric Connecticut doctor features dinosaur tracks and a pair of fossil tree casts. The World's Largest Jack-in-the-Box, like the World's Largest Bobbing Head, is a way for Bill to flout convention while drawing attention to his business. "I'm not trying to sell them," he said. Behold! "I just have them.". Bill doesn't like stores (other than his own) and he doesn't like crowds. "On TV they sell them for $28 a pound," he said of the pennies. With a fleet of over 60 vehicles that range from cargo vans to P1400 step vans, we provide service to both residential and commercial customers throughout Wisconsin. Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center - Middletown ConnecticutWild Bill's is not just a store, it's a way of life. Catherine Avalone Bill Ziegler, owner of Wild Bill's Nostalgia at 1003 Newfield St. in Middletown. You'll be able to search by zip and GPS to find one of the many Wild Bill's locations near you Atlas Obscura and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyse our traffic. Wild Bill's contentedly cluttered universe seems like a fiduciary excuse for his bulk buying frenzy. All rights reserved. Except for Wild Bill’s. Now needing to expand even further he moves the enterprise to its current location, 1003 Newfield St. where the business now is Wild Bills Nostalgia. Force Sync. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Some haggling is accepted. It would be an unforgivable corruption of the term "jack-in-the-box" if Bill hadn't made it so irresistibly big. Turn east onto Hwy 372, then make an immediate left onto Hwy 3/Shunpike Rd. I finally met up with J&M Explorations for an epic explore! At one time Wild Bill ran his business from a store in the downtown shopping district of Middletown. Jan 26, 2021: Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center, Middletown - See 39 reviews, articles, and 40 photos of Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center on Tripadvisor. He should know. This news comes one year after the owner, William “Wild Bill” Zielger passed away. Rest assured, one look at the thing’s grinning clown face popping out of a re-purposed grain silo is enough to send full-grown adults into the fetal position or paroxysms of laughter. The ancient past meets the retro-future at these dinosaur tracks that are protected by a geodesic dome. It's his own personal slice of heaven and a surprising sight in the often staid scenery of Connecticut. This location is permanently closed. Amazing Place to Go , used to be a Hall where the Great Frank Sinatra Song for Mobsters lots of history sad to see it Close it’s Doors R.I.P Wild Bill Emily Wilson August 31, 2015 Best store in Middletown. Wild Bill Wholesale review rated 1.0/5.0 with 46 Comments: If you like me have been screwed by Wild Bills Wholesale by having your orders mismanaged and money owed, Wild Bill Wholesale - Legal Action to be taken against Wild Bills Wholesale Feb 17, 2020 @ … The unique retail establishment, located almost dead center in Connecticut contains everything from Soviet-era hockey jerseys and 50-year-old Playboy magazines to life-size Terminator statues and an amazing selection of bobble heads. All rights reserved. Wild Bills Prop House. Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center: In a far corner of Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center, if you can squeeze your way past his collection of 500 hand-painted Lithuanian trolls, and his case of giant trilobites from Morocco, you might be able to wedge open the door into his office. Home. © Copyright 1996-2021 Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, Mike Wilkins. All eyes are on you at Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store. Courtesy Wild Bill’s Nostalgia. Bill had it tagged at $450. 1003 Newfield Ave, Middletown, Connecticut 06457 USA. Attraction status, hours and prices change without notice; call ahead! And how much will Bill sell them for? Ecstatic would be the look on Wild Bills face. See all 65 photos taken at Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center by 583 visitors. They then changed direction and are now headed toward Paul McCartney. There are also serious hippie-era milestones, such a Martin Luther King Jr shouting a speech, the Kent State massacre, Nixon ruling vs. John Lennon imagining (all amusing decorations in typical cartoon mural shorthand, but Wild Bill's is really a celebration of the manic rise of pop culture collectibles!). To learn more or withdraw consent, please visit our cookie policy. Wild Bill’s Nostalgia is home to the world’s largest Jack-in-the-Box. Wild Bill’s Express Inc is an ISP in the Fedex Ground Network established in 2008 that services territories in Wausau and Oshkosh Wisconsin. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. Drive south one mile to exit 19. Start here.Use RoadsideAmerica.com's Attraction Maps to plan your next road trip. After this Field Review was written, "Wild Bill" Ziegler passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on April 11, 2017. MIDDLETOWN – Part museum, part toy emporium, Wild Bill’s Nostalgia is more than just a store. "People always want to know how I got a permit for it," Bill said. With 70 plus locations, and some in develop, Wild Bill's is also the 4th largest tobacco retailer in the Country. Now is a good time to go in there and find some awesome retro things for half off. 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I figured a revisit to Wild Bill’s was in order, so that’s just what I did with both of my sons in early 2016. Bill Ziegler, owner of Wild Bill's Nostalgia with his son, Bershire Ziegler, 40, and his daughter Heather Dawn Page, 33, at 1003 Newfield St. in Middletown. Last year, its founder passed away and his family says they can no longer maintain the store. On the roof is a tie-dyed VW Beetle, and above that is a giant, motorized, bobbing head of Wild Bill as Uncle Sam -- a reproduction of a doll that Bill sells inside. Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center Middletown: Long before the Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things was winning viewers and awards with its 1980s nostalgia, the “strange things” at Wild Bill’s provided a groovy time for countless visitors. As They Say: “Home of Strange Things” Middletown January 2, 2009 & February 20, 2016. Also on the building's exterior is what Bill calls "The Miracle of the Psychic Vines," which so fascinates him that he's put it on a postcard. Open Now. "Sometimes when kids come in they freak out, because the place is kind of scary," Bill said. RoadsideAmerica.comYour Online Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions. "I wanted it so that you'd have to drive to get here, or take a bus," he said. Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Mega Saturday Bingo. "But the parents talk them down. 13 Photos $$$$ $$$$ Expensive. Wild Bill's Nostalgia 1003 Newfield St, Middletown, CT 06457 - YP.com. MIDDLETOWN, CT — A Connecticut institution, Wild Bills Nostalgia, will be closing its doors for good over the next several weeks after 35 years in business. The world's largest Jack-in-the-box. Credits, Media/Business Inquiries "A guy had all these whale parts in his barn," Bill recalled. Electronic Pull Tabs No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. "Wild Bill," as he likes to be called, is the hippie senior citizen who operates Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center. Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center Directions: I-91 exit 22-S onto Hwy 9. Starting at 7pm- Progressive Jackpots. Apr 13, 2017 at 6:49 PM William “Wild Bill” Ziegler owner of Wild Bill's Nostalgia In Middletown MIDDLETOWN — William "Wild Bill" Ziegler, a local legend for … Starts At 9pm- Music, Black Lights, Fun & Progressive Jackpots! Paper Pull Tabs. This 12-foot-tall T-rex is the largest K’Nex skeleton sculpture in the world. From Cigars, e-cigarettes, and glass pieces - … Wild Bill's Bingo. This is one of those places that's hard to visit only once, which is why folks keep coming back. Founded by William Ziegler (Sept 19, 1946 - April 12, 2017) Wild Bills Nostalgia is where pop culture marvels can be found and purchased. Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Shop opened more than 3 decades ago. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. He didn't like it. Trip Planning Caution: RoadsideAmerica.com offers maps, directions and attraction details as a convenience, providing all information as is. Now home to hardy plants, these sand and gravel dunes once held back a massive prehistoric lake. "Do you need a permit for a World's Largest Jack-in-the-Box? He has 40 acres of property -- plenty of room to expand -- and 30 tractor-trailers parked on it, filled with booty that he doesn't have the room to display (One trailer, according to Bill, is filled with nothing but Star Wars model kits). Outside the grounds include a maze-like collection of used books, and other ephemera located in a tribute to the fun houses of a bygone era,  a large haunted house, wrought-iron mountain lion,  balancing Yugos and the ubiquitous much much more. That's probably because Bill has decorated the outside of his building to suit his personal taste -- which is apparently suspended in half-century old pop culture amber. There's no "box" and no crank and no shocking eruption of a head on a spring. "Ringo was playing [nearby], and the vines started growing toward his head," Bill recalled. I don't think so.". Rumored to have tormented a family in the late 1960s, this toy now resides in a quiet little oddities shop. The vines have, over the years, ominously covered the faces of various Beatles painted on the wall: first John (died 1980), then George (died 2001). Wild Bill’s is “not just a store, it’s a way of life.” Founded by William Ziegler (Sept 19, 1946 - April 12, 2017) Wild Bills Nostalgia is where pop … © 2021 Atlas Obscura. Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. Strange and amusing destinations in the US and Canada are our specialty. He said that he petitioned Guinness for the title of the World's Largest Bobbing Head Doll, but was rejected because the head isn't a doll. Wild Bill’s is “not just a store, it’s a way of life.”. He erected a warehouse and packed it and … Due to the spread of COVID-19, some points of interest may be closed or have restrictions. "High ceilings are the key to success when you've got a lot of junk," says Bill Ziegler. "I found it in the woods in Bethel," he recalled. Wild Bill's Tobacco is the largest tobacco retailer in Michigan. "Paul should be worried," said Bill. On the outside, you’re greeted by a multicolored mural depicting Bob Dylan at the corner of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, Jimi … DISCO BINGO. Offer subject to change without notice. SATURDAYS. Remembering Wild Bill/End: 14:47. "It … "They agreed that it's the biggest bobbing head," Bill said, satisfied, "but they didn't have a category for that.". Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. Thu 10a-6p Independent. So he saved his money and bought a sprawling 1940s nightclub on the outskirts of town, which in its heyday was popular with The Mob. "He filled my truck up and said, 'Give me x amount of dollars.' Wild Bill’s Closed in 2018. Wild Bill’s Nostalgia announced on Friday that they will be closing their doors for good. The first wacky thing about this store is that it was open on January 2nd this year – that’s when I visited with Damian. A Giant Rocking Horse in Adelaide, Australia.

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