Retail and Wholesale. Learn about features for retailers and wholesalers

Red Rock Payroll offers payroll management and HR solutions for the unique needs of retail businesses. Our retail payroll and HR services can save you time and money and ensure that your business is compliant with the latest local, state and federal regulations.

Whether you are a small family owned store or a large retail chain, Red Rock Payroll has payroll services that can be customized for your needs. Our personal service and responsiveness are unmatched by other national payroll providers.

We have an extensive inventory of interfaces to capture your data in real time and electronically feed it into our payroll system. These tools are incredibly secure and easy to use – our technical support team is friendly and responsive to help you should any questions arise.

Red Rock Payroll provides full service retail payroll management and HR solutions, our benefits include:

  • Local and personal presence
  • Dedicated customer service representative – no automated attendant
  • Convenient, flexible input methods – phone, fax or online
  • Concise, easy to read management and payroll reports tailored to retailers:
    • Sales by store/location
    • Labor distribution
    • Expense allocation by store/location
  • Extensive inventory of interfaces
    • Point-of-sale
    • Time & attendance
    • General ledger
  • Garnishment payment service
  • Electronic new hire reporting
  • Federal and state tax deposits & filing

Why choose Red Rock Payroll? Simple – our responsive, dedicated customer service combined with our extensive knowledge and experience can save you time and money allowing you to get back to what you do best! Learn more about the advantages Red Rock Payroll can offer your business.