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I (R = H) corymine la (R … Please my mother is diabetic and later developed deep vein thrombosis, she's currently on treatment for the DVT, can abere also work for the deep vein thrombosis? What can I do? My mom had stroke that affected her right hand and right leg and it also affected memory. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes. Hire a project writer. Good evening, I am 47 years old and a type two diabetic patient. (tree bark; leave or seed). Is there any response or solution to Olaola message pls it's 3 message above yours pls. This study evaluates the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of crude (HU) butanol (HU b) and alkaloid (HU Af) fractions of the water seed extract of Hunteria umbellata, in addition, to determining the phenolic content of HU and Hu b. Good day her patty, please what herb will I use to get pregnant? Take it every morning on an empty stomach. It shows a photo of brown seeds in a bowl. It regulates High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol levels, and Arthritis inflammation too. The continual intake of the seed extract of the herb shows weight losing action on the body. Can such client should recommended with Abere .Hope it will not stimulate the pregnancy if occur.OR we should not allow the person not to take Abere extract. comments and questions below. Am suffering from quick ejaculation/ED since 10 yrs ago, all my efforts was abortive, I could not have confident on myself during sex issue performed 1min. Your main job duties can be: helping patients dress, eat, walk and bathe; reposition them in their beds; change their bed, you may need to know how to set up different equipment and stock supplies and many more different things. pls help . Please I'm having cold and burning sensation on my legs and all the drugs given to me at the hospital has not provided any there any herbal medicine I could use to resolve that? What herb work for the treatment/cure of fibroid. ]. Please I would like to confirm if an ulcer patients can use this abeere and Bara mixture to cure sperm leakage. Buy Echinacea and Goldenseal tablets. *First image will be main display image of this ad. This will enable others to try it and adequately get their blood sugar or blood pressure controlled. How do i use abere seeds effectively to cure a) high blood sugar; b) high blood pressure and c) pile (Hemorrhoids), What herbal drug can be used for seizure in children. All parts of the plant have been shown to contain alkaloids1 and the main ones in the seeds have been briefly reported.2 These are acetylcorymine (la), corymine (I) and isocorymine. Abere Seeds Miracle Seeds (Hunteria Umbellata). I searched GOOGLE this night to find out which herb can be used in managing my sugar level and was excited to see this site. Chaste berry is another herb for curing Fibroid. Lose weight 5. Dear We do not recommend anything during pregnancy. Hey Abayomi, Focus on improving your immunity to fight off the infection. Kafura is used to prevent water based herbs from spoiling. Pls how can we use it to prolong ejaculation and to increase the sex strength. Have 1 glass of juice daily. Make a bark decoction of Hunteria Umbellata. Also take fresh juice. What are the causes of sleepless night and what can be used for it? Thank you very much Dr may God continue to increase your knowledge and wisdom Amin. Hey Adekunle in my country people take the seeds to increase the penis size. How can I use abere to treat peptic ulcer and osteoarthritis? Can someone who is believing God for conception take this abere? Please what is cow's foot,and how can i get it. Species Hunteria zeylanica Retz. How do I prepare Abere for weight reduction especially tummy fat. Thank you, Pls how can I get it? Stop/ is a glabrous tree, up to about 50 feet in height, found growing abundantly in Western Nigeria. Please what quantity of Abere powder and palm kernel oil is to be used? It regulates blood pressure and inhibits the risk of high blood pressure. Remedy for left face tingling, left headache that radiate to the neck, left shoulder pain and tingling arm and tingling feet, burning feet. please where can I get this chaste berry and what is the Yoruba name for it. “Peel the skin then soak it in Lucozade boost. Abeere Seed(Hunteria Umbellata) Your Name. The botanical name for this seed is (Hunteria umbellata) This plant parts are used in traditional medicine. Toxicological assessment of 'Abeere'seed Hunteria Umbellata K. Schum (Apocyanceae) You can also take Goldenseal capsules, one every day for one month. It might have not suited you. Blood samples were taken by repeated needle puncture of their tail tip vein every 72 hours at the end of a 12 hrs fasting. Yes it will interfere and you need to take caution in combining it with diabetes or hypertension drugs so that the effects won't be too drastic. I have been having dry tongue, clousy eyes sometimes, and severe weakness of the body. What is the quantity of Abere and the coconut water or lime? Where can I Abeere (HUNTERIA UMBELLATA)seed to buy in GHANA. hasta yatağı. And the dosage for diabetes and high blood pressure? Do not take while you are menstruating. Timothy, it is important to steep the seeds in hot boiling water. Let's say using a 50cl bottle, 1 litre bottle or even a 5 liter keg. It is known to lower the Cholesterol within a day or two, so, take the herb accordingly. Leave other Good day. Good day I had uncontrolled blood sugar that led to waist pain,lower back pain and and weak errection . Your work may be different depending on different patients. 25 African Plants That Are Traditionally Used To T... Reduce blood sugar levels and treat diabetes, Treat amenorrhea or the absence of menses, Manage arthritis and other inflammatory conditions of the joints, To hasten child delivery by inducing uterine contractions. Dear Ola, You have to look for an Ayurvedic store nearby. I mean non-invasive glucose monitoring device that does not require a drop of blood. Hi Jennifer, You can order Abere seed from I am in Awka Anambra State .thanks. Take them until you get results. Thank God that they were not cancerous when analyzed. Garlic contains Anti Asthmatic properties. Please how can Abere be used for Eda (sperm pouring out after sex). Results; The median lethal dose (LD 50) was 1.61 g/kg of body weight. Pls i have a chronic pile how often do i need to take the abere and how should i go about it i find it really difficult when excreting and it comes with blood thanks. Have it for 15 days. Instead of schinaps u can use coconut water, Add one kafura in the water and it will never remain the same even for one year, Yes add one kafura and it will never change taste. Bit Argic World is a market platform which provides local and international communities great chance of marketing their raw and processed farm produce and technological gadgets online. Dear Babatunde Sir, Thank you so much for the information. Ficus Exasperata (Sandpaper Tree) Medicinal Uses. Add 2 teaspoon of flax seed in your daily diet. I inherited all this from my Grand Father too anyone can ask me any question. Hey, thank you for the information buddy. Let me make the following correction on the above article on the use of Abeere to lower the blood sugar level. Thank very much Sir. Because, seeds will reduce weight for sure. That is, 'pouring back'. What herb can be used to cure strkoke. Please what is the benefit of abere and honey for one trying to conceive. Mondia Whitei Has More Than Aphrodisiac Properties. Take it twice a day. You can get it from local herbs sellers but if you need it from me, kindly contact me. Typhoid enter my head can I use This seed for it? HUNTERIA UMBELLATA (ESO ABERE) HOW TO USE ABERE SEED TO CURE IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION AND TREAT FALLOPIAN TUBE BLOCKAGE FALLOPIAN TUBE BLOCKAGE, PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION. ABERE SEEDS - 80 SEEDS. Thank you very much for this site pls I have a chronic parasite (worms) for like 20 years moving all around my body I 've used different English medicine but not working. Please reply. Aqueous extract of Hunteria umbellata seed was prepared by soaking 50 g of powdered seed in 500 ml of distilled water and kept in the refrigerator for 72 hours. Reduce blood cholesterol levels 3. Diabetes often happens in the second or third trimester and goes on its own. I was just wondering if a pregnant woman can take it as well. bible nutrition, OH nurses, with their close relationship with workers, knowledge of the working environment and trends in ill-health in the company are often in a good position to advise management on preventing sickness absence. Dear Oma, Try the following herbs: Drypetes Roxburghii ( Putarjivak ) and Stripped Cucumber ( Shivlingi ). Is it good to use for Diabetes and High blood pressure? Thank you. Methods; Data on the acute toxicity studies of the seed extract of Hunteria umbellata administered via the intraperitoneal route was analyzed using the two-parameter Weibull model. This is the link to page, you may please refer to it. Everlyyoung Lagos Nigeria. I need it for high blood pressure and arthritis.Pls call me. It triggers the Liver functions and strengthens it. Drink 5 ml of it once a day. -You don't need to prepare the tincture, the best thing to do is, buy the tincture from a homeopathic store. I suggest you take Garlic. 1) can the ab??r? Hunteria Umbellata is a good herbal remedy to cure Obesity. Please what is the best herb for fertilty? This study evaluates the effect of aqueous seed extract of Hunteria umbellata on insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, inflammation and oxidative stress in high-fructose diet-induced metabolic syndrome. Take it for 1 month. Came across it in one of my curiosity findings. Do you need to peel it? Schum.) Thanks. hi my name is jennifer all the way from namibia windhoek in africa. Please what is the English name for all above and where do i get ? I understand that Abere seeds are good for controlling high blood pressure; is this true? Thank you. Let's the woman lie on her back with a pillowi right under her waist during the intercourse and let her stay like that for some minutes before rolling over or get up. Pls what can I use? Hi pls how do I use abere for weight loss? Its’ botanical name is Hunteria Umbellata. It has anti-bacterial properties which protect the body from bacterial attacks. I actually have hemerroids and someone advised that it can cure it. Hi, please what do you mean by infusion of Abeere seed? Have this tea two times a day. Dear Yetty We do not recommend anything during pregnancy. However, one can say tht Abeere has the potential to lower blood sugar level.The only problem I envisage is getting the correct dosage. He's 6 month and he can't control his neck yet, he's sitting yet as well, it is good for children, u can use it on him but with a minimal quantity. And how to use it. Pls what herbs can I use to get over the weakness of the body. pls what herb can a pregnant woman take for dabetics to reduce sugar level? What is the work of Water extract from itagiri leave mix with ebere seed? Dear Joe, Hunteria Umbellata as a super effective cure for Pancreatitis is not known yet and is under research. I've not seen any difference yet. Thanks. Enter your reply here...what herb can I use for toilet infection. Therefore, it avoids the risk of Bacterial Infections. it works like magic. Will the seeds be effective if I chewed directly? Thanks. Please how do I prepare Abere seed for diabetes? Im only on BP medication, no other medical issue. Or take Bitter leaf decoction one cup every day for 15 days. Urgent answer please. And pls what can I use for period that suddenly stopped am 42years. What quantity of Abere can I use to prepare 3 coconut for the treatment of diabetic. Pls, what are the herbal treatments for curing varicocele permanently in Nigeria?, [Note: You are requested to write correct English only. When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling … Hallier f. (Apocynaceae) is a tropical rainforest glabrous tree having smaller flowers and fruits, and broad and elongated leaves, measuring about 10-20 cm × 3.5-10 cm and Please what is Kafura? I also have severe backache and pains in the sole of my feet. I am hypotensive, what can I do to adjust my BP to normal level? Who is homeopathic doctor? Please. Have been having blockage of nose , cartarrh,sneezing can thus seed cure it, If a person have pre-diabetes and also expecting pregnant to happen. use in the local management of pain. Have fresh Chasteberry juice daily or eat 8 to 10 berries daily. This will help to cure Malaria. The herbal seeds of Hunteria Umbellata are very helpful in lowering the blood sugar levels and that is very helpful for the diabetes patients. Schum.) Please is there a way to administer the abere without reducing so much.thank you. Having been diagnosedpre-diabetic, metformin was prescribed for me.A friend encoaged me to try "Abeere" (Hunteria umbrellata), to save me the cost of procuring metformin.I did an extensive search of the Internet, which eventually led me to this page on "Herbpathy". Good day! Yes, the herb is highly effective to reduce weight. I procured the seed and grinded to porder. Similarly, those advocating soaking the powder in coconut water or palm kernel nut oil, should endeavour to state clearly: the number of seeds used, the volume of coconut water or palm kernel oil used. Stress, Drug Abuse, Anxiety, Medication, Alcohol, Day time sleep, Caffeine, Pyschological problems all these are the cause of sleepless nights. What side effects does abere has on kidney?.

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