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Posted on November 6, 2013 by durgaastrology | Tagged pearl gemstone, pearl gemstone astrology, pearl gemstone benefits, pearl gemstone vedic astrology, pearl stone astrology, pearl stone price | Leave a reply Conveying the energies of the Earth element, the ring finger signifies creativity and art. can i wear a pearl ring?? It removes the ill effects of moon and strengthens the mind. Learn more about Garnet. If your moon is 6 th, 8 th, and 12 th from ascendant or from their sign cancer in horoscope individual must wear pearl stone to away from unfavorable result. This sea animal, demulcents the stuck sand, sustains the irritation forming multiple layers of nacre until the Pearl is formed. This is the reason why there is great role of marriage prediction in deciding the future of two people together, जीवन में किसी भी विशिष्ट घटना में, ग्रहों की महान भूमिका होती है जो व्यक्ति की कुंडली में शासन कर रहे हैं। विवाह एक ऐसी महत्वपूर्ण घटना है जिस में शासक ग्रह प्रमुख भूमिका निभाते हैं। यही कारण है कि दो लोगों के भविष्य को एक साथ तय करने में शादी की भविष्यवाणी की बड़ी भूमिका है।. It helps in increasing memory and brain power. Pearls may be white, black, red, blue, brown, yellowish, or pink in colour. Get your Gemstone consultation done here. हिंदू समुदाय में जन्म कुंडली या जन्म चार्ट विवाह में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है। दो व्यक्तियों द्वारा साझा की गई संगतता की जांच करने के लिए दो व्यक्तियों की कुंडली का मिलान किया जाता है। कुंडली हमें एक व्यक्ति के जीवन के विभिन्न पहलु ओं जैसे कैरियर, वित्त, संबंध और स्वास्थ्य के बारे में जानकारी देती है।, कुंडली मिलान के दौरान वर और वधू की कुंडली का मिलान यह पता लगाने के लिए किया जाता है कि उनका वैवाहिक जीवन सुखी और सफल होगा या नहीं। यदि 18 या अधिक अंक मेल खाते हैं, तो यह एक अच्छा विवाह बनाता है और यदि मैच 18 अंक से नीचे हैं, तो ज्योतिष द्वारा विवाह को मंजूरी नहीं दी जाती है, इसके अलावा मांगलिक योग भी देखना पड़ता है।. Marriage is one such significant event in which the ruling planets play major role. Astrologer predicts positive and negative fate through analysis of individual horoscope, while, the remedial measures help to neutralize the negative planetary influences on the human being. Jan 21 - Feb 18 Garnet: Friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual. b) The pearl stone is considered auspicious if it is of 5, 7 or 9 carats and it is south sea pearl or Valenzuela pearl. The Kundli of the two individuals is matched to check the compatibility the two would share. Your email address will not be published. Plz. The original pearl stone is a flawless, smooth, shining, round stone. If Moon is  malefic in your  horoscope the Pearl can be damaging health and wealth. They guide human beings to take right actions to improve and enhance their life. 4. It is the gemstone for the zodiac sign cancer and it is associated with the planet moon. The mollusk, being irritated by the intruder, forms a pearl sac of external mantle tissue cells and secretes the calcium carbonate and conchiolin to cover the irritant. do reply…. Natural pearls come in many shape but round is to be very rare. इसके विभिन्न संस्करणों का वर्षों में विकास हुआ है, कभी दुर्घटना से, तो कभी प्रयोजन पर (हास्य और लगाव डालने के लिए). Pisces Zodiac Stone: Amethyst. One of the best things about wearing a pearl stone is that this stone will never possess any malefic effect on the person who will wear it. It is advantageous to wear those who are quick-tempered person. Following Ascendant should wear pearl stone. Australia and Polynesia produce only cultured pearls. Basically, pearl stone suit anybody and will impact all the positive results. Business which are associated with water, milk oil, ship building, perfumes,, ship building, exports and import, flowers, rice mill, cinema, painting, swimming, water sports, are benefited by the  pearl stone. As per Indian Vedic Astrology, Moon is compared to ‘Mother’ in the planetary system due to its nature. Wearing pearl stone can control  these  problem. Pearls of different colors have individual influence on the human body. Pearl is also known as Moti, Mukta, moktim, induratna, and shairtara. Our Best Astrologers is at your services at 24 x 7 as you can reach us via email or call +91 9733031000 at any time. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and … Our Best Astrologers always ready to help you and we do provide an instant solution for a large number of problems related to personal life. Rohini; Hasta (Hastham) Thiruvonam (Sravan) Pearl Benefits & Pearl Astrology. It increases facial luster and beauty in ladies. It removes all bad effects of moon. Wearing pearl stone can control these problem. Pearl Benefits. Cultured pearls are in use now a day. Gemstones are advised as a remedy for bad phases in a person’s life based on his astrological planetary constellation during his birth. Pearl gemstone should be studded in silver ring. Pearl or Moti is very useful for ladies as it increases their facial luster, thus enhancing their beauty and will keep them ever young. It helps in reducing discomforts during sleep. Pearl Gemstone | Pearl Stone Astrology | Jyotish Gemstone Pearl Properties Pearls are considered organic gemstones, and are formed in shellfish, namely mussels, oysters and sea snails, as a natural defense against irritants such as granules of sand or grits. Pearl stone is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper. यह एक लंबा स्थापित तथ्य है कि जब एक पाठक एक पृष्ठ के खाखे को देखेगा तो पठनीय सामग्री से विचलित हो जाएगा. Pearl is very special and unique gemstone it represents the planet Moon. बुध का वृश्चिक राशि में प्रवेश -28 नवंबर, 2020, बृहस्पति का धनु राशि में प्रवेश -30 जून, 2020, शुक्र के शुभ के शुभ प्रभाव से जातक को संपूर्ण भोग व सुख की प्राप्ति होती है। शुक्र उत्तम भाषा शैली, मिलनसार स्वभाव एवं स्वच्छता का कारक ग्रह है।, Astro Naresh Kumar | Best Palmist In Rajasthan 2021, बृहस्पति का मकर राशि में प्रवेश -20 नवंबर, 2020, "कन्हैया! Online consultancy on Vedic Vastu and Astrology, serving Pan India. Can Aries Ascendant/Mesha Rashi wear Pearl. It has a soft glamour and attractiveness which makes it look very beautiful. 5. Metals Used In Setting Pearl Stone. if you wear pearl stone, you can control disease connected with Moon like Mind, depression, hysteria and tuberculosis,  insanity, left eye, hypertension, menstrual disorder, heart, Lungs, left eye, breast, Blood pressure and water in body. The Pearl Harmonizes Chandra,the moon which directly influences emotions, mind, affluence and publick wearing a pearl can bring harmony and stability to these influences.Moon influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in the … This gem is mostly found in round shape. As per traditional astrology it is believed that Pearls generate calmness and politeness in the nature of the one who wears it. Put the  gemstone  on  white  cotton, Burn  incense sticks to Name of Chandra Deva and pray that you are going to wear the representative gemstone Pearl to have Blessings from Chandra Deva. Pearl is associated with Planet Moon. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It helps in developing harmony between husband and wife, Sri Sanjay Dara Singh AstroGem Scientists  Gemologist (Gemological Institute of America), Consultancy Link Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. In Astrology, Pearl is considered as a benefic stone which can be worn by anybody whose Moon is at a weaker position. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum का उपयोग करने का मुद्दा यह है कि इसमें एक और अधिक या कम अक्षरों का सामान्य वितरण किया गया है, ‘Content here, content here’ प्रयोग करने की जगह इसे पठनीय English के रूप में प्रयोग किया जाये. Some of the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl stone are: 1. Some of the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl stone are: It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, steady mind and many other... A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and … Gemstone astrology is a part of the art of astrology. The Pearl, devoid of luster is said to shorten life. Pearl is a compound of calcium and oxygen. Moon does have some effect of human health and behavior. The Pearl that is long instead of being round makes the wearer foolish and an idiot. The Ring Finger. KYA 2020 ME MUJE SARAKARI NOKARI MILEGI ? Light that is reflected from these overlapping layers produces a characteristic iridescent luster. If there is a beneficial Moon in your horoscope, you must wear a Pearl. They are used to nullify the ill effects of the weak and strengthen their effects for luck, fortune, and individual success. If your moon is 6th, 8th, and 12th from ascendant or from their sign cancer in horoscope individual must wear pearl stone to away from unfavorable result. The Gem Stone of Moon. it found in different colour like white, off white, yellow, pink and light green also. It control and reduce the anger and evil thought. Pearl is considered cold and soft stone it is also recognized as Mukta, Moti and Indrakantmani. Pearl Stone. Hence, wearing a pearl can be extremely beneficial. Pearl according to horoscope: In astrology, gem stones are recommended on the basis of placement of planets in a horoscope. c) The pearl stone ring is to be made of silver metal, and the ring has to be dipped in unboiled milk, pure water or honey and has to be left inside for around 30 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Indian Astrology › Online Astrology › Gemstone Advice › Moti / Pearl. Some of the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl stone are: 1. Pearl gem is available in varieties of colors. As layer upon layer of acre coats the irritant, a pearl is formed. You can buy this auspicious gemstone online to yield manifold results. Feb 19 - Mar 20 Astrologer Suggestion for Birth Star. 7. Ratna Jyoti : Benefits of Pearl. There are many benefits of wearing a Pearl Stone. The Pearl that is flat brings a bad name to the wearer. Benefits of Pearl Stone. Note: A native must consult a good astrologer before wearing any gemstone for, his/her personalized astrology report. Freshwater and saltwater pearls are cultivated in China and Japan. I was born on the 30th, April, 1981 a Thursday, thank you and i look forward to your reply. The pearl is one of them which are assigned to the planet Moon. Pearl Gemstone (also known as moti stone in Hindi), unlike other gemstones or minerals, is not obtained from the rocks or deep forest, although, it is collected from deep under the sea.. This secretion process is repeated many times, thus producing a pearl. The weight of the Pearl(Moti) stone   be not  be  less than 4  rattikas. I am very pleased with your site, you gave a lot of useful information. New testimonial submitted successfully.Admin will mordred soon. Your email address will not be published. Pearl gemstone in astrology. Blue sapphire in gold or silver??? facing misunderstanding, quarrel with each other. First wash  gemstone with  unboiled  cow milk,  gangajal, with  honey, Akshat and gomutra if available. Miss Ria your information is not complete . 12. In Astrology it is significator of mind and mother. my wife dob is 29-2-1988,02-45 .. dob is 22-11-1978 ,16:15 , place of birth both Balurghat, India. Please don`t call me for a free consultation . The Astrological benefits of wearing Pearl as Gemstone. अब कई डेस्कटॉप प्रकाशन संकुल और वेब पेज संपादक उनके डिफ़ॉल्ट मॉडल पाठ के रूप में Lorem Ipsum उपयोग करते हैं, और अब “Lorem Ipsum” के लिए खोज अपने शैशव में कई वेब साइटों को उजागर करती है. Pearl stone should wear in the following condition ;–. By wearing a suitable gemstone-like Blue Sapphire on the middle finger, you can promote your sense of responsibility, disciplined and in tune with your inner self.. They are formed when an irritant such as tiny stone or bit of sand get inside the mollusk’s shell. Required fields are marked *, Dated: –/–/—- हिंदी में देखेंSee in English. कुंडली मिलान के दौरान वर और वधू की कुंडली का मिलान यह पता लगाने के लिए किया जाता है कि उनका वैवाहिक जीवन सुखी और सफल होगा या नहीं। यदि 18 या अधिक अंक मेल खाते हैं, तो यह एक अच्छा विवाह बनाता है और यदि मैच 18 अंक से नीचे हैं, तो ज्योतिष द्वारा विवाह को मंजूरी नहीं दी जाती है, इसके अलावा मांगलिक योग भी देखना पड़ता है।, In any of the specific event in life, there is great role of planets that are ruling in the horoscope of the person. date of birth , time of birth, and place of birth is necessary for horoscope . Pearl is cheap compared to other gem stone and available in large amount due to Pearl Culture in large scale. It should be average 10 to 12 […]. Pearls in maintaining the stability of … In my lagna chart, moon is in conjunction with ketu in 6th house which is ruled by mars. Wearing pearls encourage  self-confidence, build up patience and good relation from mother. In Hindu community JanamKundli or Birth Chart plays a very important role in marriages. If a planet rules one of the Dusthana houses (6, ... Meena/Pisces: Yellow Sapphire, White Pearl, Red Coral. About Pearl Stone. In Astrology, the Moon is a symbol of the 'mother' and is therefore, very caring and nurturing and affectionate in nature. Following Rashis should wear pearl stone. It should be worn on the Little finger on the Right Hand on Monday Morning between 10 – 11 am. Aquarius Zodiac Stone: Garnet. A pure pearl is a smooth, glowing round stone, found inside the shell of an oyster, a species of bivalve mollusk. It is believed that the person who wears pearl gets a lot of fame, respect, wealth and kingly comforts. The gemstone should be of  4, 6, 8, 11  rattis. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone. I m born on 5 may 1989 and my husband born on 6 july 1987 and my son born on 7 dec 2013.i love parls so much and about make pearl jewellerg in gold or silver.but i have heard that being a taurus i should not wear pearls.what bad impact it can have on my family if i wear pearls. If moon is the lord of good houses and placed in bad house then should wear it and get you auspicious result. For consultancy click. GIFT THEM AS PER THEIR ZODIAC SIGN-. Moon reflects the human mind. 20/05/1991 16:06 SURENDRANAGAR GUJARAT 2013 SE ME BEROJGAR HU. Astrology… marriage prediction by date of birth in bengali, लोकतंत्र में होने का मतलब सरकार के हर कदम का विरोध ही है, Weekly Horoscope from 16th Feb to 22nd Feb, 2021 | Horoscope as PER ZODIAC SIGN 2021, PAMPER YOUR LOVED ONES. The remedies through gems are the one of the popular parts of Indian predictive astrology. It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, steady mind and many other... 2. Pearl create positive energy and special vision of the person. Pearl is a very famous gemstone which is found in ocean beds. It is very rarely found. A stone is not to be worn if the planet that it signifies is a functional malefic. Pearl stone maintain the stability of our mind. My consultancy fee is 1100 Rs for horoscope analysis. Pearl can be worn in combination with other stones for many other health related diseases. In astrology, white colour of Pearl stone is associated with purity, honesty and respect. Moti stone is a natural pearl. You should chant  mantra  at least 108 times and wear it in the last finger  of the right hand. Please suggest which gemstones should we use ? Make sure you visit today and get rid of all the problems of your life that are preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest. I would like to know what are the best gemstones for me to help me attain luck, love and career. A lustrous substance called acre is secreted around the object to protect the soft internal surface of the mollusk. I was born on June 8 1987 .what is suitable for me to wear? Kindly tell me which gemstone should I wear. This stone is known for its healing properties. The rare pearls are greatly valued as precious jewels. Remedies through gem therapy: Pearl [moti] Pearl [moti] – it is a cold gem and it is the stone to enhance the powers of moon which in turns signifies mother, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind, menses, infants, love, breasts, family family life, beauty, watery places and passions, conception and birth of child. This process of building a solid pearl can take up several years. Pearl stone is not suitable for everyone. […] very quick temper can be a problem if the Moon receives negative aspects from Mars or Rah and ketu. It is its type of unusual stone that is shaped inside the sea in concentric layers in which mollusk is deposited over time. NOTE:-2019 AUGUEST MAAHINE ME MUJHE SARAKARI NOKARI MILE THI PAR ME KARANVASH HAJIR NAHI HO SAKA. The best thing about a Pearl stone is that it does not have any malefic effects on its wearer. The following are the flaws found in Pearls: 1. 9. White pearl stone can be as small as 1-0-2.0 mm seed pearls and the very largest size of this stone is 20.0 mm sizes. During Kundli matching, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched to ascertain whether their married life will be happy and successful. Pearl gemstone in astrology. Pearl Gemstone Online, Pearl Stone Astrology : Remedial measures are essential element of Indian astrology. Pearl will work well when your Moon is in beneficiary position so without advice of astrologer doesn’t wear it. Astrology provides remedial actions for almost all problems of our lives such as health, diseases, family problems, career, marriage, profession and more. PEARL Represents the queen in Jyotish.The PEARL is often called the“Queen of the Sea”. 26 Jan,2020 – 01 Feb, 2020 हिंदी में देखेंSee in English. Formation of a pearl inside a pearl oyster occurs because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. 3. Pearl Stone Astrology. The appropriate rituals have to be completed to install the gem. Intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, unemotional and detached. One more question ruby is worn in gold or silver? ST.VALENTINE’S last words before he died- “From your Valentine”. "नंदगांव से जाने के लिए ही तो रथ द्वार पर है विमला! Pearl Gemstone - get Pearl crystal/gem stone meaning, healing properties, characteristics, benefits and facts at Vedic Astrology portal Remedies suggested by him like Mantra, Pooja, donation, Rudraksha Therapy, Gemstone, etc. It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on human being. It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, steady mind and many other good things. MUJHE SARAKARI JOB KE LIYE KAUN SA RATNA DHARAN KARANA CHAHIYE ? An error occurred while submitting testimonial. If 18 or more points match, it makes a good marriage and if the matches are below 18 points, then the marriage is not approved by astrology, Also Manglik Yoga has to be seen. Original pearls are not easily available. Required fields are marked *, Dr. Deepak Sharma is an expert in Vedic Astrology and Vastu with over 21 years experience in Horary or Prashn chart, Career, Business, Marriage, Compatibility, Relationship and so many other problems in life path. It is worn both as jewelry and as a stone for astrological benefits. Name is Dev DOB:08th April 1987 Time:12:34pm Can I wear pearl? Om shram, shrim, shrim,shroom sah chandramase namah. According to Astrology, Moon reflects the human mind, Its impact is on our thinking. In the Navagraha system of Plantary gemology Pearl is the Gem stone that is used to enhance the power of moon. Pearl is very special and unique gemstone it represents the planet Moon. Born on JANUARY 10; 1995 at 3:09 a.m. In this case the emotional energy level is very […], […] your Moon planet is weak then do strong by wearing gemstone white pearl. If Moon is conjunction with Saturn or Rah or  ketu in your horoscope than individual may face mental chaos, rigidness and insanity. To save itself from the undesired material the … my sunsign and moonsign is gemini and my rising sign/ascendant is scorpio. Natural pearls are calcium carbonate and conchiolin.It form under a set of accidental conditions when a microscopic intruder or parasite enters a bivalve mollusk, and settles inside the shell. As it also signifies emotions and love, it has been the perfect choice for celebrating nuptial bonds by being the … 8. Here we will analyze the suitability of Pearl gemstones for the 12 ascendants from Aries to Pisces. If Moon is Ascendant lord and  afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and ketu in your horoscope or located in 5th house  Scorpio sign, debilitated than you should wear pearl stone to obtain favorable result for myself and happiness from children . Natural pearls have harvested from the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and the Red sea for thousands of years. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum. Consult Astrologer Sunil to know which gemstone is the best for you. Insurance Policy Agent and Role of Astrology, Moon in Fifth House – पंचम भाव में चंद्रमा, गुरु गोचर का पंचम भाव में फल | Jupiter transit effects in fifth house, जन्मकालीन करण का महत्त्व तथा उसका जीवन पर प्रभाव, Internet Blogging Online Business & Entrepreneurship in Vedic Astrology, Solar Eclipse 2021 – वर्ष 2021 के सूर्यग्रहण की तिथि, वार, नक्षत्र, समय तथा प्रभाव, Sakat Chauth Vrat 2021: संतान की दीर्घायु हेतु माताएं रखती हैं सकट चतुर्थी व्रत, Griha Pravesh Muhurt 2021 – Shubh Housewarming Dates for New Home. Indian Vedic astrology recommends Pearl in general to wear from 4 Carat to 15 Carat depends on the need. Moti found in many type of shape round, flat etc . in front of your  God. It is necessary to know the position of Moon in the horoscope before wearing a Pearl. 6. This stone can bring you happiness, increase good friend circle, improve mother’s health and it can augment the general well-being. Pearl is usually white in color but it has also been found in different colors such as pink, blue, silver, yellow and black colors as well. Your email address will not be published. Moon reflects the human mind. If your Moon is the Lord of ascendant, lord of 5th house, lord of  9th house, lord of 10th house, full Moon or exalted Moon is placed in Kendra or Trikona it means your Moon is beneficial in your horoscope so you must  wear Pearl stone for  happiness, success, comfort and luxury in their life. It is very useful for girls or women as it increases the glow of beauty and facial luster. It maintain unnecessary quarrel between husband and wife and inspires love and faith between the two partners. According to Vedic Astrology Pearl represents the planet Moon. It does not have any side effects and hence anyone can wear pearl. Also, Pearl is the Birthstone for the Month of June as per western astrology. Use vedic astrology to improve your relationship Request consultation Skip. The Kundli also gives us an insight into the different aspects of an individuals life like career, finance, relation and health. 11. 28/05/1991 16:06 SURENDRANAGAR GUJARAT 2013 SE ME BEROJGAR HU. Pearl is formed inside mollusks such as oysters and mussels. 10. Problems such as throat trouble, eye trouble, dysentery are caused by afflicted moon. The Moon is the lord of the 4 th house and friendly to Mars the lord of the ascendant. So should i wear pearl in this case. 2. क्या सचमुच नंदगांव से चले जाओगे". If you belong to Aries ascendant then you can wear this sacred stone. If  your baby  born as Balarist yoga and  frequently suffering from poor health problem then wearing pearl with half-moon of silver  will save your baby. Pearl Gemstone is basically formed as a result of irritation caused in the soft body of a mollusk. It should be set up in a ring made of silver on Monday . If a side of the Pearl is broken, the wearer of such stones suffers the loss of his livelihood. These problems can be reduced by wearing pearl stone. Moon effects most: The moon is the closest to the earth; therefore astrology considers its influence the most deeper than any other planet.

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