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[1] He is also somewhat of a smart alec. Sure enough, it turns out that Badili is back in their tree, and they are certain that he wants to eat them this time. When Ono flies over, however, Bunga interrupts Ono to present him to Binga. Snuggle up with Kion, Bunga, Fuli and Beshte while you watch this Disney favorite! With Makuu impressed by Hodari's bravery, Ono watches as Hodari finally achieves his dream and is a accepted as part of Makuu's float. "Indeed. Ono cries out in terror as they fly towards him, spinning him around and causing him to fall out of the air, landing on Beshte and asking if they're gone, and Beshte assures him that they are. Ono is still confused by their words. Ono likes to feel like a valued member of the Guard, and is very insistent that he will always be the keenest of sight, though he originally showed doubt before the Lion Guard battled hyenas. Kion decides to finish his task and he does so. Atop his head, he sports a crest of five feathers of differing lengths, starting off with a light yellow at the bases and transitioning to a slightly dark tangerine orange near the tips. 1 Ono played Iago in Nick Wildeladdin 2 Ono played Jacquimo in Fulilina 3 Ono played Mr. Stork in Michael (Dumbo) 4 Ono played the Eagle in Kion: Lion Cub of the Cimarron 5 Ono played Dweeb in We're Back! Nirmala takes Kion outside the Tree of Life while Janna asks Rani to give the rest of the Guard a tour. Hamerkop As they track the pack, they notice no termites in the Outlands. After Kion has saved Nala from falling down a crack in the earth, he asks if everyone is okay. After seeing that they have the Mark of the Guard. Wanting to take a look, Kion and the others follow Azaad to the shortcut: an incredibly narrow passage through a canyon. Nicknames Ona is a young female hamerkop that resides in the Pride Lands. disney, kion, lionguard. Ono mentions that, even if his vision may not be what it once was, he still wants to help as Rani to thank him. His Mark of the Guard was silver and could be found on his left wing. But the loss of Kilio Valley is still something to remind the Guard of the journey ahead. Disney The Lion Guard. Ono is a narrowly built bird with a very skinny pair of black legs that are striped with orange, which lead to a pair of orange claws. Soon, a flash flood rushes through the canyon. Kion then has Beshte reveal himself, and Ono tells the hippo that for someone of his size, he's a skilled hider. Simba tells them more, and the Guard realizes that they mistakenly drove aardwolves out of the Pride Lands, believing them to be hyenas. His specialties are his keen eyesight and his intelligence. Ono explains that they never saw Ajabu even when Beshte claimed that he was present. Ono leaves with Bunga, Beshte and Fuli to deal with the problem. Askari tells Kion that he has truly mastered the roar by letting it go. Though dissapointed, Rani understands Kion's decision to leave, both knowing he can't stay when his home in danger. While she and Makini head off to the river, Ono and the remaining Guard members leave for patrol. Kion asks him if he scouted out the best route, and Ono tells him that they're to go through the plains past Maji Baridi Falls, down Rocky Ridge, then through a canyon, adding that it's pretty simple. Ono is the pessimistic and realistic member of the Guard. They soon notice that Ono can't see. He explains to them that he heard Kion's voice telling the impalas to go to the Outlands, adding that "hearing is believing". Outside the mountain pass, Makucha's Army has cornered a family of  tigers consisting of a mother and her cubs, barring them from entering the Tree of Life. Ona doing the family dance with her mother. Little Egret (by Hadithi) The Keenest of Sight (by All) Egret (by Mzingo) Egg-head (by Shingo and Twiga) Pesky bird (by Reirei) Ono, Hero of the Pride Lands (by Hadithi) Kid (by Hadithi) The Smartest (by Anga, Kion and Beshte) The Keenest of Insight (by Kion). The aardwolf eventually complies and leads the Guard away. However, in honor of his intellect as well as wanting to keep him part of the group, Kion creates the new role of the Smartest for Ono. Fuli calls for the others to hide, and Ono glides away. (Oh, no/dear!)" She asks Nirmala to take a closer look at Kion and Ono. Ono glances at the Mark of the Guard on his shoulder before looking up at his friends with gratitude, finally coming to terms with his self-worth and his role as the Smartest, as Kion declares Ono will always be a part of the Lion Guard. 22m 31s. [9], According to Bunga, Ono is flamboyant. As he leaves, Bunga calls out that the headdress is a 'Bunga Original' and to be careful with it. Makini then reveals she is staying at the Tree of Life, having found her place in the Circle of Life as Rani's Royal Mjuzi. Kion has his parents give Ajabu their blessing, permitting the okapi to stay in the Pride Lands. The Lion Guard is a sequel to The Lion … Ono is described as an intellectual and brainy egret. A short while later, they hear their laughter, and Ono uses his keen sight to confirm that the hyenas are back. They notice Makucha chasing Ajabu, and Ono dives at the leopard to stop him. After a wild chase in which Ono ends up crashing into a flamingo, the group discovers that they were chasing not Makucha, but Ajabu. The Lion Guard decides to play hide-and-seek with him to celebrate his being a Pride Lander. Fuli assures Kion that, even if he doubts himself, she and the others don't. On… Kion and the Lion Guard come outside and the Pride Landers cheer. When using his sight to its fullest, Ono's eyes flash yellow. After reuniting with her cubs, the tigress presents herself as Varya,  explaining she had come to the Tree of Life to find a safe place to raise her cubs. The Bravest of both teams will run through Maumivu Thron Patch, cross Urembo River ith Makuu's Float, and then climb up Makundu Cliff's, with the winner being the first to grab the baobab fruit from a tree at the top of the cliffs. Set after the original film and in the middle of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Kion continues serving as leader of the Lion Guard and also continues protecting the Pride Lands' animals mainly by making sure no predators overeat, especially outside of their own territory. Ono searches the area from above, then lands, startling the hare that had claimed Goigoi was around. His upper body is compact, with pure white feathers across the main part of his body. After Kulinda notices the heroics of Ono - a member of the Lion Guard- she decides to entrust her egg into his care whilst upgrading her nest. Turning to Kion, Rani tells him she meant what she said before, saying he and his friends will always be welcome at the Tree of Life. "Hapana! It doesn't take long for them to remember what has happened, and Kion leads the Guard out. Read Chapter 10: The Old meets the New from the story The Forbidden Friendship - Lion Guard by _Jasiri_ (Brave) with 856 reads. However, Fuli soon calls for the game to end. Pinguino then reveals that Beshte saved his life, calling him "Poa the Life Saver". Hatchling Why, why? The tree bark hits Ono on his bottom, and the commotion causes the klipspringer to leap across to safety. Ono starts off managing to keep up with Fuli, but just as he is getting confident, Fuli races past him and wins the race. As a hatchling,Ona's feathers are pale gray, flecked with white and brown. However, both Lion Guards soon get distracted arguing over each other over what to do. Cast: Young Lady - Baby bird (Blues Clues), Adult Lady - Ono (The Lion Guard), Tramp - Kion (The Lion Guard), Jock - Pongo (101 Dalmatians: The Series), Trusty - Rolly (101 Dalmatians: The Series), Jim Dear - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon), Darling - Misty (Pokemon), Junior - Baby Tarzan (Tarzan), Aunt Sarah - Dawn (Pokemon), Si and Am - Madame Mousey (An American Tail: The … As the rest of the Guard move the herds to safety, Ono tells Kion to keep on roaring as Beshte pushes rocks onto the Roar's path, holding them in place alongside the water. Their presence angers Mama, who orders Makucha and Ora to go for Kion and Bunga. [8] A determined bird, Ono won't stop until he finds a solution. 14. 6. He and Fuli return to Kion and discover that while no trace of any villain was found, the lunches of all three animals had been eaten. 1 History 1.1 The Lion Guard Return of the Roar 1.2 The Lion Guard 1.2.1 "Fuli's New Family" 1.2.2 "Never Roar Again" 1.2.3 "Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas" 1.2.4 "Battle for the Pride Lands" 2 Named Members 2.1 Ono 3 Unnamed Members 4 Appearances in Fanfiction 5 Gallery Ono and his flock are resting until Kion and … At a cliff overlooking the fight, Rani allows Kion to take care of things, saying she trusts him as he prepares to use the Roar. The end of each claw also has a black spot. Although everyone gets away from the herd, their stampeding causes a rockslide. Later, Kion looks out over the Pride Lands and notes that it's fairly quiet. Ono then flutters back down, excited to announce that his crest feathers are growing back. However, Azaad reveals the way to the mouth is far, saying they could get there by sunset if they were all cheetahs. Muhimu's son approaches them and nickers, and Ono laughs with the rest of the Guard as Bunga talks to and plays with the zebra foal. As a hatchling, Ono looked mostly the same, except that he is smaller and his crest feathers are more rounded. Along the way, the Lion Guard go over what he is to say to Mapigano, with Ono checking what he plans on doing. Character Information Ono is one of the main characters of the show, The Lion Guard. Kion talks to Thurston who says that the zebras will protect the Pride Lands while they're gone. Ono is the first and only Guard member to lose their Mark of the Guard twice. With Rani's permission, Kion uses the Roar to summon a larger twister that sucks up the Army and takes them far away. Stepping up, Kion offers to "convince" the predators to never attack the Tree of Life again. Alignment Standing in front of a cavern, Ono explains the Keenest of Sight challenge: both competitors will to use their keen eyesight locate Laini, who has hidden in a dark cave. Rani encourages Fuli to trust Nirmala, just like Janna did before she died. Pumbaa manages to grab Bunga on his back, and Rafiki is able to catch the gourd before it breaks. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. 22m 32s. In the present, Simba declares that, one day, Kovu and Kiara will rule the Pride Lands as king and queen, naming them his successors. The next day, Makucha's Army strikes again. He has taken on vultures multiple times, probably because he is the only member of the Guard that can fly. Kion gives Ono the go ahead and he startles the leopard, who drops down to the ground, growling intimidatingly at the Lion Guard. Anga soon becomes the new Keenest of sight while Ono becomes the smartest. His and the Lion Guard's catchphrase is "Till the Pride Lands end, Lion Guard defend!" Bunga tries to convince Beshte that Ajabu is only imaginary, and Ono agrees. Bunga soon calls to Ono, announcing that he's found their friend, and Ono declares that he saw him first, but accepts that Bunga found him first. Ono assures his leader that they'll find him before taking off after Bunga. Confused, Bunga shouts at Kion to explain himself, wondering why he doesn't use the Roar if he is healed already. When asked why they did not stay, Laini tells them how they heard a 'pfft' sound, followed by an awful smell. Ono soon determines that the aardwolves are hiding a cave and confirms this to the Guard and Mjomba. When he reveals it to be that of a scorpion. Since his sister couldn't tell him how to handle the situation, as opposed to moving the eland away from the bees as Kiara stated, Kion believes that the best solution is to move the bees. Ono is loyal to Kion and rarely questions his leader. The Guard is then approached by Thurston, who tells them to add for the Outlands, as they're the only safe place to be. It's more like they throw up a little, just when they're worried". When Ono uses his memory to the fullest, his eyes flash blue. Zira, though, was unwilling to get past her hate, and this ultimately led to her destruction (with her falling to her death). Tamaa tells them that he is the Bird of a Thousand Voices. Kion suggests that maybe they can, and reminding his friends that the Lion Guard can make the impossible possible, persuades them to agree. "Oh, strange. He sneaks up on Makucha, and Rani knocks him down. Leonardo - Kion (The Lion Guard) Donatello - Ono (The Lion Guard) Raphael - Beshte (The Lion Guard) Michelangelo - Bunga (The Lion Guard) Master Splinter - Rafiki (The Lion King series) April O'Neil - Jasmine (Aladdin) Casey Jones - Aladdin (Aladdin) The Shredder - Shan Yu (Mulan) Hamato Yoshi - Li Shang (Mulan) … The guard leave with Pride Landers wishing them goodbye. It's just like all the other Lion Guard paintings. The Guard continue on their path, but Bunga and Kion wait behind to speak with each other. Arriving outside the pass, the combined forces of both groups send the villains running, with Mama Binturong swearing they won't be so lucky next time. Ono makes a disbelieving sound and flies away, landing on a branch of a nearby tree, where he soon hears the sound of Janja laughing. At the Tree of Life, Ono is healed by Queen Janna; though his eyesight never regains its former strength, Ono comes to accept his place as the Smartest. "Actually, camels don't spit. Species She, her mother and the egret share the family dance together, before embracing one another happily. Janna knows that they are from the Pride Lands. Tree of Life She is also very fond of insects. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 1: Ono the Tickbird - Ono fills in for a rhino's "seeing-eye bird" while the Guard helps the rhino and tickbird resolve their differences. When she asks, Ono admits that most of the elands were redirected, and Fuli adds that they didn't all trust them.Later, Kion calls for the Lion Guard who are resting in The Lair of the Lion Guard, and they rush off to save Kiara, who has fallen for a trap set by Janja. thumb|left|220px|A bee-stung Ono The Lion Guard find the bees, and Ono confirms that the eland are on their way. Disney Junior general manager Nancy Kanter has described the series as being \"kind of like The Lion King meets The Avengers.\" Both teams agree to the competition while Thurston starts spreading the word. Alignment Despite his sharp social skills and optimism, Ono is exceptionally blu… He sees things as they are, and is not reluctant to voice his observations. When he finally leaves, the Guard follow him in secret, concealing themselves in a bush nearby. In the Outlands, Muhimu enters labor. The Guard notices a large number of termites on the tree, and Ono agrees with Kion's theory that they ate through the wood, noting that as termites eat wood, too many termites would eat too much wood. Curious, they stop Ma Tembo who also follows them, but she does not tell them where she is heading. Rani speaks to her grandmother about this problem. When they arrive, the hyenas have surrounded Nala, and Kion uses his Roar in anger. Step 8. They rush to the scene and Ono lands on the tree where Shingo has his neck and tongue trapped in the branches. When Bunga naively asks for Kion, an annoyed  Fuli says Kion is with Nirmala, just like every day since they arrived at the Tree of Life. Fuli enters and almost questions it, but instead explains that Makuu has entered The Flood Plains and taken over it entirely. They laugh at the egret, and although Fuli and Bunga arrive to call off the teasing, Bunga only manages to make it worse. When Rani then notices Pinguino isn't with them, Baliyo explains that he refused to come. In the caverns, Timon and Pumbaa are very upset and Bunga and Simba's situation and believe themselves to be lost. Though clearly shaken by the magnitude of the test, Shahaba tells Bunga she is not afraid. Fuli, though, tells the others to go on without her, saying she'll catch up. He doesn't need to hear anything more than his name to take wing and scout something out. ONO: Most of the Lion Guard, defend. Ono and the rest of the Lion Guard are chasing Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne and Tano out of the Pride Lands. Though the Guard doubts that zebras and gazelles really are fighting, Ono insists that they are, and the Guard goes to check it out. However, when they try to locate Janja, Fuli says that she can no longer hear him, and Ono adds that he can't see him either. Male Having known they didn't stand a chance, the hyenas left the Outlands for the Guard. By the end of the season 3 premier… As they approach his tree, the Lion Guard wait behind in the same bush they found the last time, and watch Badili speak with Mapigano. Ono wonders why he didn't see Makucha, and notes that he still doesn't see him a few moments later. However, Azaad points his shortcut only work for cheetahs, putting some of the Guard at a disadvantage. Suddenly, Ullu arrives, informing the Lion Guard that the Army is moving up the pass. Silver the Hedgehog • 1 year ago He serves as the main protagonist of the series. When Ono asks if he is the big, scary leopard, he refutes, introducing himself as Badili, the big, friendly leopard. While Ora worries about the Roar, Makucha tells him to act like a dragon. As the group begins to stand back, Fuli asks Anga to fly and take a look as Kion summons lightning on the Wall, cracking the stone ridge above the Wall. Ono is one of the main characters and the tetartagonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, based on the 1994 film The Lion King. The rotten tree soon breaks and Kion is left in the center of it. They realize that they need to find the aardwolves, and Ono spots one of them running towards a cliff. Beshte explains that Ajabu was probably hiding in the herd, and expresses the thought that he can count on the Guard. Ono finishes a little later, and Bunga urges him to try again. No. Kids. Back in the Lair, Bunga is feeling upset and lethargic. Their morning had thus far been an uneventful one; things had unusually gone to plan. Suddenly, an okapi runs by, and Beshte declares that it's Ajabu. Teenager Ono tells him that this isn't the case with Tamaa around, and Kion concludes that perhaps this situation was caused by both Janja and Tamaa. Back at the galagos tree, the Lion Guard spot the sleeping leopard. The Kupatana Celebration. While a cheetah can just leap across, Azaad notes the others will have to cross via land bridge, though the nearest one will take days to reach. It's definitely better than being behind him.". Ono locates Kion speaking with his mother, Nala, about what happened earlier. 592 Stories. He was voiced … Thorughout all this, Mama Binturong is seen spying on the group. They arrive at the watering hole to find  Kenge terrorizing a couple of antelopes and zebras. After Fuli leaves, Rani returns to the rest of the Night Pride, where she admits to agreeing with Fuli about Kion. When Fuli trips slightly, Bunga is propelled forward. Disney The Lion Guard. My version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 reboot. Her cubs were raised by the royal family, one going on to serve as a member of the next Lion Guard. Bunga hears Laini's voice, and Ono confirms it as she rushes up to Kion. The challenge begins, and both cross the thorn patch quickly. Ono explains that Kenge is a monitor lizard, and the venom from their bite can cause paralysis. A bit later, Fuli awaits her friends at Flat Ridge Rock, though Ono and the other members are exhausted, having had to run to catch up with her. Agreeing with Anga, Fuli tells Kion he needs to remember too, he needs to remember what makes him him. Ono leads the zebras and gazelles safely up to higher ground, and soon the rest of the Guard rejoins him. He lands on the bush and pulls the leaves aside, revealing a drongo who introduces himself as Tamaa and reveals the direction in which the hyenas went. The Lion Guard finally arrive to the Tree of Life  where they meet Rani's grandmother, Queen Janna. Ono and Makini become lost in a marsh while The Lion Guard must contend with a pack of small creatures bent on fighting with them. A nearby bush rustles, and Kion, believing the movement to have been caused by Janja, creeps forward, but Ono flies above and halts Kion. Ono agrees that he does. Approaching  Kion, Anga begins telling him a story, of a time when they were all much younger. Ono, Beshte, Fuli, and Bunga keep an eye on the herds whilst Kion seeks advice from his grandfather. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email address receive free weekly tutorial in your email. A Real Meal is a song from season 2 The Lion Guard episode 4 “Ono and the Egg” It is sung by Mpishi and Mwoga. [6] Ono is quite well-informed in regards to the animals of the Serengeti and the Pride Lands, and he often states facts out loud for the benefit of his friends. Eventually, Makucha flees, and Beshte is able to introduce Ono and the others to Ajabu. Ono uses his smartness and figures things out. When one of Zira's other children, Kovu, misses the blast, Ono glares towards him (possibly) angrily until he leaves. As the Lion Guard prepares for the daytime patrol, Kion goes to continue his healing wth Nirmala leaving Fuli in charge of the Guard. Voice Actor Ono is concerned, and whilst still annoyed, Zazu turns around to face him and leaps back a bit at the sight. Ono leads the Guard to a pair of aardvarks whose den has reportedly been invaded by hyenas. Kion tries to explain to Tamaa that what he's doing is wrong, and Tamaa acts as though he is extremely ashamed. Ono is very respectful to royalty[7] and is noted to be punctual. After being told that they need to find the rest of his pack, the aardwolf asks what's in it for him, to which Ono replies that he gets to go home. As Ma Tembo approaches the Lion Guard as they practise, Timon and Pumbaa arrive to help, though Ma Tembo suddenly remembers that previous Lion Guards have always been lions. Ono points out that the fields are visible from where they stand, but hopes aloud that they'll reach them before an approaching storm hits. They watch as another leopard named Mapigano leaps down and immediately starts to taunt and bully Badili. Sort by: Hot. G. Ono becomes the begrudging protector of a hammerkop bird's egg left in his nest. They continue on their way, and Ono soon points out the tree. The Outlanders don't like but they don't care. Kion agrees with Rani, saying that even if Ono isn't the Keenest of Sight, he is still the Keenest of Insight. Soon, he returns, his determination renewed, and the journey through the Outlands begins. Gender Taking over for the still roaring Kion, Fuli has Ono and Beshte help fix the Wall while she and the others (hyenas included) move the herds, needing to clear the valley in case the Wall can't be saved. Simba weakly directs them to his tail, and Rafiki inspects the bloated sting mark. He is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and The Lion Guard.. After losing his sight during the final battle against Scar, Ono passes on the role of the Keenest of Sight to Anga. For the fourth round, Bunga reveals he planned series of tests for the Bravest challenge. Kion backs Beshte up, and Ono realizes that he and Bunga should apologize. Ono's vision is later restored by Queen Janna at the Tree of Life, giving his eyes their original colour back. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Suddenly Askari  appears in the sky in front of everyone, including both Lion Guards and Pride Landers who are stunned by Askari's appearance. Fuli, however, questions Kion's position as the fiercest member, and Ono explains that it's somewhat common knowledge that lions are fierce. ... Simba and the Lion Guard prepare for the dry season. Back with the rest of the Guard, Ono listens to Beshte explain that he told his new friend that there were no leopards in the Pride Lands. Kion then sends Ono to see if Rafiki has a remedy. Soon the king is saved but he needs time to rest. They soon find the aardwolves, who flee, and Ono and the Guard pursue them, calling for them. Bunga again suggests using the Roar to stop it, but Kion quickly decides that he has a 'better' idea. This item will ship to United States, but … He worries about what the other egrets will say, and asks if they think they will notice. As the Guard approach, the leopard becomes jittery and wails loudly, pleading with the Guard not to hurt him. However for Kion's scar he says to go to the Tree of Life. Beshte adds that his head looks just like a hippo backside, and that it's just fine. Ono flies out of the way and pursues them with the rest of the Guard.

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