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Shuffle Off To Buffalo. It was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Chuck Jones.It stars Bugs Bunny and features the first appearance of Chuck Jones' imposing orange monster character, unnamed here, but in later cartoons named "Rudolph" and then "Gossamer".In the short, a sneaker-wearing, hairy monster … The first time, the monster is hiding in a hole in the wall behind a painting. He assumes a robot-like gait (with his tail magically rotating like the robot's wind-up key) and follows her off the screen. and runs away screaming, breaking through a series of walls, leaving his cartoon silhouette in all of them. Hare Do. Bugs rushes up a staircase, but suddenly comes rushing back down, running into the monster and knocking him down. [1] ( Directed by Chuck Jones. The places you must go and the things you must see -- my stars! But Bugs Bunny is not easily cowed, and soon the wily rabbit is disguising himself in turns as a lamp, a chatty manicurist, a figure in a framed portrait and a knight on a charging horse, tricking and frustrating his nightmarish opponent at every turn. and the monster's expression changes from anger to anxiety. 1 Plot 2 Availability 3 Censorship 4 Goofs 5 Notes 6 References A travelogue through many different countries, with narration by Robert C. Bruce has wacky jokes and puns. However, as Bugs saunters off toward the exit, singing to himself, the monster (who is now stretched out on the floor) gets the rabbit in his clutches. Bugs turns to him and says, "You don't need to lock that door, mac. Hare Ribbin’ Hare Remover. Once Bugs gets to the castle (labeled "evil scientist" in neon lights) the evil scientist locks the door behind him. The rest of the cartoon is an extended chase between Bugs and the creature, with gags aplenty. Hot Cross Bunny. Albeit confused, he turns to the audience, shrugs, then takes off after Bugs. I don't wanna leave." The monster's shape appears on the wall, the segment of wall falls and the barely conscious monster does the same. Hare Trigger. The store manager appears and informs Bugs that since the summer sale's over, he's being transferred to another department, which Bugs puzzles over ("tax-ee-doy-mee?") this is simply used for entertainment purposes only. The short was released on October 15, 1955, and stars Pepé Le Pew.. The creature steps back to look into the mirror, whereupon his reflection comes to life, screams in horror and runs away toward the door. He then bolts for the door. Bugs Bunny, in one of his best 4th wall breaking moments ever..Move aside Deadpool, this is the master! Bugs heads off and reappears inside a locomotive-style jousting knight and, with his lance, smashes the monster into a wall. The scientist then releases the monster. He comes up with the idea to give him a manicure. Bugs is revealed to be on display in the "Stacey's Department Store" window, helping to advertise camping gear. Homeless Hare. A silhouette from the theater audience stands up and offers, "I'm a doctor." You just enjoy it."[6]. Hurdy-Gurdy Hare. Hair-Raising Hare Hare Remover is a 1945 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd , released in 1946. Hair-Raising Hare. Sam is the captain and only occupant of a sailing ship and he's heading on a voyage for buried treasure with the means to get it for himself. One dark night, in a dark, empty forest, Bugs Bunny is singing a stanza of "Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart". From one end of a hallway, Bugs taunts the monster by calling him "Frankenstein!". The beast, completely covered in orange hair, is frightening enough to leave our hero temporarily speechless - forcing him to hold up a sign that says, "Yipe!" Hair-Raising Hare is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon, released in 1946. The short was released on September 28, 1946. While Bugs is tiptoeing backwards and praying, he bumps into the creature. A sneaker-wearing, hairy monster chases Bugs through a castle belonging to an evil scientist. The scientist lures Bugs to his castle via a shapely robotic female rabbit, complete with a large wind-up key in the back, and accompanied by Oh, You Beautiful Doll in the cartoon's underscore. Hot Cross Bunny. He reaches the island, immediately finding the dig site and uncovers both a treasure chest and Bugs Bunnyon it. In the small village of Nasty Pass, within the French Alps, a man (in fact a bank robber) visits a fishmonger to buy a sardine, and then returns to a remote flat. The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; Next → It stars Bugs Bunny and features the first appearance of Chuck Jones' imposing orange monster character, unnamed here, but in later cartoons named "Rudolph" and then "Gossamer He pokes up out of his hole, dressed in a nightshirt and holding up a candle, and says, "Eh, I don't know but, did you ever have the feeling you was being watched?" which he is, via remote TV, as an evil scientist (a caricature of Hollywood actor, Peter Lorre) is planning to catch a rabbit to provid… He puts the monster's fingers into a bowl of water, but it contains two mousetraps, which snap and catch his fingers, causing him to yelp in pain and shed some tears. The scientist wants to feed the rabbit to his huge, sneaker-wearing monster. Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 3, "Heimlich Maneuvers: On A Certain Tendency of Horror and Speculative Cinema",, The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall, Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Great Santa Claus Caper, Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile, Chuck Jones: Extremes & Inbetweens – A Life in Animation,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 February 2021, at 16:33. Bugs snickers, "Mechanical!," but then the robot smooches him on the cheek, leaving a lipstick mark on the smitten rabbit ("Well, so it's mechanical!") - Great Chuck Jones expressions of Bugs Bunny from "Hair-Raising Hare". This was the first short to use the 1946-47 rings, evident from blue rings, one red ring, and red background. At one point, as Bugs is behind a door and the monster is trying to break through, Bugs desperately cries for a doctor ("Is there a doctor in the house?") Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The man tells the rabbit he will look … He casually mentions to Bugs that he’s going to blow up the Earth and bugs sets out to stop him. The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. The two keep running until a trapdoor on the floor opens, forcing Bugs to halt. Animation director J. J. Sedelmaier writes, "It's interesting to see how different Bugs' character is in this film, from, say, the cool and calm Bugs in Rabbit Seasoning (1952).

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