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Operation Magneto, along with Operation Cricket, the prep meeting that happened few days prior, were collectively known as Operation Argonaut. ABILENE Gulf War VII Corps phase line. While there are some outrightly offensive terms, we have found that with nicknames, context matters. Keep him or her as a wingman for sure! SSGT James A. Williams via, Operation Mincemeat involved a decoy corpse, Viking Offroad being a company that manufactures them, U.S. soldiers went out on a counterinsurgency raid in Iraq under this codename, The plan here was to systemically bomb German railways in 1944, Operation Lion Cub had two very important missions. Ghost. We recommend that you steer clear of this person! Well, you got one! Several military code names are very well known in the public. In other, er, words, you mumble a lot! Almost 20 years before the superhuman mutant of the same name was DIY-ing magnetic fields in the 1963 debut issue of X-Men, Allied forces were using this word during WWII to refer to a 1945 conference among Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin, and FDR. BARITOME. The designation given to either someone with the last name Jenkins or the rogue player in military simulations. The codename is perhaps a nod to the ancient symbol of Iraq, the Lion of Babylon. It worked perfectly. I’ve used many of these over the years and hope you enjoy using them too. If you are called this, then you may not realize it, but you probably go to the bathroom a few too many times during a mission. A nickname for someone who has a flatulence issue (pee yew!). The U.S. military uses many unique acronyms, terms and jargon. Malta aircraft delivery 8/42. The nickname given to the guy (hopefully) with the best-worst mustache during Mo-vember. The British and Indian forces encroached on Rangoon as monsoon season began, only to find that the Japanese had skipped town a few days earlier, whereupon it was occupied by the Indian 26th Division without opposition. Based on a funny, crazy, or otherwise *EPIC* event, 3. And "Desert Storm" was the military codename for the American invasion of Iraq in 1991. Alternatively, the person flew by the seat of his or her pants with little preparation. Ghost – last name was Casper Glory – Last name Hole Grumpy – Not a morning person, and not too tall either. An internationally known acronym that designates the owner as one bad-a** mother****er (see Pulp Fiction). A nickname for any international type that eats everything in the shared, communal kitchen or chowhall. A funny military name given to the guy or gal who claims to be a world-class CrossFit fiend, but does not always look the part. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af4a297b255f4bc0eaaaf915e6b45488" );document.getElementById("d526257c7b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Nicknames can be used in several positive ways. Not much of a secret codename, but it’s kind of adorable. An acronym that stands for “annoying little f***.” By the way, when you ask for a nickname repeatedly, well, you are being an ALF. A nickname for someone without a home or who is seen as a bit of a bum. This moniker is a good one to hold onto if at all possible! A nickname used in the German Luftwaffe indicating someone of unrivaled. A name used to describe someone on the shorter side. W; Languages; NATO Phonetic Alphabet; NATO Phonetic Alphabet. The plan here was to systemically bomb German railways in 1944. This is all to say, just let it happen organically and if you get pinned with a poor nickname, just ride it out. A name for the person who does the stinging and never gets stung! The scheme originally came from the mind of Ian Fleming, who later authored the James Bond books, back when he was an assistant to the head of British Naval Intelligence. In a 1943 wartime memo on the subject of coining operation names, he cautioned: “Do not suggest the character of the operation or disparage it in any way, and do not enable some widow or mother to say that her son was killed in an operation called ‘Bunnyhug’ or ‘Ballyhoo.’” Understandable. Walkie talkie talk codes can be used by civilians, military, ambulance dispatch, emergency responders, and police. Code name generator . That said, be careful who you associate with on- and off-duty! Li nks to Main World War 2 Pages: ... Support of military advance in Burma 12/44. Just like Big Red and Ginger, sometimes you can’t help that you were born with red hair (everywhere). There are tons of funny code names as well as some cute code names. It might be worth having a look! Josh Bolten // "Fatboy" George W. Bush's Chief of Staff had a fondness for riding Harleys, … In the military, codenames are frequently used to designate missions and operations. This nickname just so happened to rhyme with the airman’s last name, which is to say that sometimes you just cannot get away from your family name (well, unless you’re a gal and get hitched!). British military nickname given to someone whose last name corresponds with that of a famous person whereby the designated recipient gets the Christian name; here Barker. Let me spell it out for you: Stu…Pid. See also Gorbachev; a name for someone of Russian-ish descent and who may still carry the ascent and own it like a boss. There were a handful of other U.S. counterinsurgency operations with gimlet in their names—Operation Gimlet Crusader, Operation Gimlet Silent Sniper—that were staged in the city of Kirkuk during the same year, so one can assume that this one was, if not the victorious denouement of those operations, at least related to them. In industry, codenames are often used to designate products that are in their developement phase to protect them from competitors. This name is given to the person who just keeps at it and keeps asking for a name. A moniker that stands for “Chick in a Man’s Body.”. Not. is certainly open to interpretation! EMINENCE Code name for COL Roland of the FTP. A Hajii Shop was an … And so, without further ado, here are 100+ military nicknames for you to consider: Given to the individual who may or may not be a sort of bad luck charm in a unit or squadron. If this sounds like something from an old-timey detective pulp, well, there’s a reason for that. A nickname for a ghost that’s not really too frightening; see also ‘Ghost.’. But what many civilians don’t know is that some military code words are real names, such as “Oscar” and “Juliet.” Many of these words would make appropriate and fun names for dogs! This may seem like a bit of overkill (no pun intended), but when lives are on the line the soldier, sailor, UN volunteer, or flier next to you needs to know that when the bullets start flying, you’re willing to risk it all to complete the mission. Do you lift heavy weights, or do you lift heavy weights? 2 List of Names. This moniker usually follows the soldier, sailor, or marine with a piercing bearing the same name. Military operation title of the invasion of Iraq in 1991; Manhattan Project. See also ‘Storm,’ though; this one is arguably better since it at least has an X-Men. A nickname for the guy or gal always volunteering. Why Are Code Names Needed? Hm, maybe reconsider your dye-job. The grizzly bit is less clear, but the Americans might just have been flattering themselves. Part of the Burma Campaign, the operation was led by British and Indian forces via sea and sky to wrest the region from Japan, which had invaded in 1942. In any known language?” “I’ve got an idea, sir. A name given to the soldier, sailor, or marine that has a high-and-tight haircut with a bit too much off the top. A nickname for someone who is, well, likely to bring death to those in need of a little reckoning. NOTE: you never want to be the cry-baby in a military unit (or corporate boardroom). Whether you realize it or not, you come across as a creepy older man. A nickname for someone who, whether they look the part or eat the part (see above reference to Paco and Mexico), ‘Might Be Asian.’. Begun in 1944 as an outgrowth of the earlier Plan Z, the mission was abandoned—maybe because the sun came up?—but then reinstated the following year. Winston Churchill had no time for silly military codenames. Of note, though, and as a precaution: do NOT do anything stupid as that, too, could result in an undesirable moniker! Stop living in your head and start speaking with others would be sound advice for this solo artist! Sorry if you don’t—just means it’s a good nickname! This name is seen throughout the British and Royal Navies and, yes, though not politically correct, refers to the guy or gal that calls the subcontinent home. However, military operations—British or otherwise—haven’t always followed these principles, and some of their names seem downright ridiculous. This name is an acronym for pain in the a**, which you may or may not be considered in or around the squadron. If you thought the last one sounded crass, there’s also this … Often military code names are used publicly after the campaigns making them well know. British military nickname given to someone whose last name corresponds with that of a famous person whereby the designated recipient gets the Christian name; here Gordon. If so, then do you get it? Sadly, everyone sees you as a tool since you’re always volunteering the unit for misadventures or sucking up to the colonel, general, or military advisor. The reason behind the name seems to have been lost to history. What gives? They ended up detaining 12 men as a result, including a few who were on the American “Most Wanted” list. This is an abbreviation for the nickname Prince Of Darkness and, well, you might not even know what you did, but you are officially one bada** dude or dudette. ABDA World War II acronym for the 1942 cooperative American-British-Dutch-Australian defense of the Pacific and Indian Ocean theater. Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) Millennial (1982-2004) Generation Alpha (2005 till now) This name was once given to a pilot who detailed his outlined his life on a napkin (yes, in a bar) by way of the project management tool known as a Gantt chart; needless to say, there are better ways of stating when one would like to get married and have kids. The name bestowed to the guy or gal who is loyal to the death and never gives up the fight! Right, maybe going as a Playboy, er, ‘rep’ to the last Halloween party was a bad idea. We recommend you stop going to Las Vegas and waking up with Tyson-esque tattoos and piercings that resemble princely crowns! A nickname for someone who might need to go to the gym on a more frequent basis. This results from the need for expedient and clear communication. The “forced entry” part makes sense, anyhow: In the summer of 2004, U.S. soldiers went out on a counterinsurgency raid in Iraq under this codename, busting into private homes to search and seize high-value targets. NAVAL-RELATED CODE NAMES. A moniker for the geek who just can’t stop talking about JRR Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings movies (get it?). Get it? a handful of other U.S. counterinsurgency operations with. Is your last name Cross? A name reserved for the pilot, soldier, or marine who is just out there on his own and in his own little world. This nickname is usually for that tall, gorgeous Mattel-like pilot or soldier, but can also be used interchangeably for the guy who cares a little too much about the designer clothes he wears or who he has on his arm. Guess the British military managed to sneak this strangely named mission under Churchill’s nose somehow. The NATO phonetic alphabet is a Spelling Alphabet, a set of words used instead of letters in oral communication (i.e. Again, is your last name Smart? As in your last name is White and you are the notorious methamphetamine drug king from the show Breaking Bad. Infinite Moonlight – U.S.–Jordanian exercise, 1990s. Hula Hoop, Nice Dog, Dial Flower, Pock Mark (USNS Wheeling), Pot Luck – code names concerned with the monitoring of French nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll, French Polynesia, 1972 and 1973. Er, as in one of the four. ESSEX Code name for CQMS T. S. Menzies, British radio operator of JEDBURGH team JULIEN. The Nazis will have no idea what a ‘choo-choo’ is.” This was a successful mission, by the way—the railways were extensively damaged, forcing Germany to scramble for laborers to repair them when there was already a huge labor shortage. A nickname seen more frequently in overseas units and divisions that alludes to the Mormon leader and his many wives. The codename is perhaps a nod to the ancient symbol of Iraq, the Lion of Babylon. Right, you may not be too bright or intellectual, as they say in the military. Operation Beaver Cage was a helicopter assault launched by the U.S. Marines upon on a Vietcong base in the very populous Que Son Valley, south of Da Nang. The guys they were looking for were suspected of attacking coalition forces, and the search was conducted in Najaf, a city just south of Baghdad. 1 Names — Another Form of Designation (by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl). Early U.S. nuclear weapons program during World War II Do you struggle to get a tan? By Kate Papenberg, 10 years of military experience, as a logistician in the United States Air Force. 1. This name for gals who, er, aren’t guys. Despite what you might guess given some slang connotations here, Operation Viking Snatch—which attempted to stop a rash of weapons-smuggling during the Iraq War—was named and carried out within the last decade. Vietnam, 1975. A. The mission also resulted in the capture of an (unnamed) high-value target. The name almost certainly derives from a snatch strap, which is a kind of tow rope used to pull bogged-down vehicles out of sand or mud, with Viking Offroad being a company that manufactures them—so, a Viking snatch strap. We look forward to your report; ‘til next time… you are DISMISSED! EMILE Code name for French patriot. Movies and TV shows may depict terminology that was used in World War II, that are no longer referenced anymore. territory but dole out some cool military nicknames and monikers of your own! NATO reporting names are code names for military equipment from Russia, China, and historically, the Eastern Bloc (Soviet Union and other nations of the Warsaw Pact).They provide unambiguous and easily understood English words in a uniform manner in place of the original designations, which either may have been unknown to the Western world at the time or easily confused codes. this person should never be left to their own devices, which is not a good thing in the fog and friction of war! In fact, one column includes code names grouped by a particular theme and another column just lists a bunch of cool words and phrases to consider for code names. Or railway? A nickname for someone who is a complete hippie and free spirit and all ‘Summer of Love’ and “DON’T EAT MEAT” and tree-hugging. A name for someone who loves his own jokes and fails to see that no one else appreciates his humor. Learn more. Finally, kindly let us know if we made any glaring errors or missed a totally rad, ridiculous, or reasonable military nickname. NOTE: this is not a moniker you want to wear when in the profession of arms. Based on a personality trait or physical characteristic, 300 Popular Police Nicknames From Around The World, 400+ Dancer Nicknames, Names, and Stage Names, 100+ Lovely Nicknames For Your Girlfriend (With Meanings), 1000+ Cool Gamer Tags and How to Create a Unique Gamer Tag, 500+ Cute Couple Nicknames For Him or Her, 1000+ Cute Nicknames For Girls (With Meanings), 154 Hindi/Indian Nicknames For Guys and Girls. While not strictly a military operation, the three leaders met in Yalta, USSR, in February of that year to discuss how to secure an unconditional surrender by the Germans (and also how to divvy up all the post-war geographical spoils). Not bad. In summary, we hope that you found this list as well as some of the traditions, history, and naming conventions behind, er, the names, useful! 1 Names — Another Form of Designation. It stands for “I Require Intense Supervision,” i.e. A nickname for the soldier or sailor likely to distract and then run away from danger. A nickname for the gal (hopefully) that just cannot help but show off her lower-back tattoo. A funny military name given to the guy or gal who claims to be a world-class CrossFit fiend, but does not always look the part.

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