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TEL: 1-847-243-4150. aclar/enx. We turned water off, checked circuit breaker, let unit sit 10 minutes, press ON/OFF and panel read “120” meaning it was set. Follow the steps as described and write down the readings /results on the back pages so when contacting Technical Support you have the … Troubleshooting Guide PDF Ecosmart models SmartPool models 18kW & 27kW(Coming Soon) Troubleshooting Guide PDF Ecosmart models SmartSpa models 5.5kW & 11kW (Comming Soon) Interactive Troubleshooting Gudies. go on web page tells me to cut flow rate by the time I get it to stop coding I could pee a better stream. What does a code C4 mean on a Rheem Pronto, Model RUTG-74PVN, installed in 2004 mean? Tankless Water Heater; Find a Model; Find a Store; Order Parts; SOLUTIONS. Apart from being 4 times smaller than traditional water tanks, this version of ecosmart group saves electric consumption 50 times more than usual water heaters. Rheem fault code 29 – This code indicates that the heat exchanger outlet temperature is too low. By cleaning the heat exchanger air inlet, the problem is typically resolved. UPDATE: AS OF AUGUST 1, 2020, THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF ECO SMARTS AVAILABLE The ECO Smart is a single disc, semi-automatic disc repair system for CDs, DVDs, Books on Disc, Blu-ray, and even the latest game discs. Call for service. 1-866-356-1992 Every since I’ve hooked it up we - Answered by a verified Plumber Just wondering what the code means as it is not listed, and if there is something we need to have looked at. Products. HVAC Troubleshooting tutorial for air conditioning technicians working with C&H mini split heat pump units exhibiting E5 error code. you can … Control Board- CB NF SML . You can reduce pressure by half-closing the water supply valve. Rinnai fault code 02 – No burner operation during freeze protection mode. 1609 Barclay Blvd. Check for clogged heat exchanger (scale buildup). Most dishwashers require that water pressure stay within the range of 0.03 to 1 MPa. Single Blog Title This is a single blog caption / 02 Jan 2021 02 Jan 2021 / By By / 0 Comment All Ecosmart units have a simple design and are very easy to check with the use of a MULTI CLAMP METER able to measure both Voltage and Amperage. The E17 fault code signals a high water pressure in the plumbing system. Sale. EMAIL: Sale price $120.00 Regular price $136.00 Sale. Sale price $36.99 Regular price $41.27 Sale. You might also like **NEW**- ECO 18-36 Bundle Pack. We turned water off, checked circuit breaker, let unit sit 10 minutes, press ON/OFF and panel read “120” meaning it was set. I go out today change out board. In this case, it will work effectively. Reply (rinse) + lavar (wash) + Flot antiarrugas (Rinse stop) The water is not drained. $3,495.00 $4,250.00. Disc Repair Machine - EcoSmart. choose the right tankless electric water heater for you. Have a Rheem tankless electric hot water reading and E5 code what does this mean. centrifugar (spin) + lavar (wash) + Water is not flowing in. EcoSmart POU 3.5 is a 3.5-kilowatt tankless electric water heater ideal for point-of-use hand washing applications, and great in places like bathrooms, bars, strip … 1. Commercial; Residential; For Plumbers; FAQs ; ABOUT ECOSMART. Turn off, or remove circulation pumps (unit is not designed for continuous operation with circulation systems). Control Board- CB QC MEDLRG. Other fault codes are intended exclusively for the after-sales service. Ecosmart FSA QC MEDLRG Flow Sensor: Shipping Details ** Any parts sold after 3pm EST M-F may be shipped next day. ELM USA. Customer … Please allow 24 hours to decon all parts due to the national crisis. Below is a picture of an open view of an ECOSMART TANKLESS WATER HEATER -3 chamber unit. 18. About Eccotemp Systems, LLC 315-A Industrial Rd. When I think of buying a product like water heater I aim for 3 things- -Cost saving - Warranty-Efficiency. Fault code rapid flashing of the following indicator lights Remedial action; lavar (wash) The door is not properly closed. Close the door. Rheem fault code 16 – This is an over temperature warning which could indicate a possible clogged heat exchanger. Discover The Best Deals ecosmart trouble shooting guide models eco18-eco27 this step by step trouble shooting guide is designed for the installer if any issues arise with tankless water heater. Check water pressure in your system regularly. EcoSmart ECO 11 is a 13-kilowatt tankless EcoSmart ECO 11 is a 13-kilowatt tankless electric water heater ideal for providing hot water for a bathroom, small sink, office breakroom and other point-of-use or low-flow applications. Summerville, SC 29483 United States. TOLL FREE: 1-844-750-8628. There may also be restricted air flow around the unit. Contact Us. I go out today change out board. It has 4.3 ranks out of 5 in Amazon based on 1,809 reviews, signaling quite a good customer satisfaction. Buffalo Grove, Illinois. FAX: 1-847-243-4155. 60089. EcoSmart ECO 27 FC : Troubleshooting Guide.

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